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Abyssinian cats – pharaohs' pets

Are you attracted to the idea to have a miniature puma as a pet, little mountain lion and at the same time a cuddly and loyal pet? Is such a combination possible or is such a being only a product of imagination? It is possible, such a creature does exist, because all abovementioned describes – the abyssinian cat!

Funky Valentine Baltasar (sorell), Babylon i J.C. Bach (blue)

Travelling from the Blue Nile

Abyssinian cat is one of the oldest breeds in the cat family. It is believed that it is historically connected to ancient Egypt's cats from the time of the pharaohs. Early anatomic studies of mummified cats in Egypt discovered during the first big archeological research, from the beginning of the 20th century, indicated that their morphology was similar to today's abyssinian cats. A strong, muscular yet elegant body, dominant ears, big, expressive almond-shaped eyes and unusual coat as of a wild rabbit give away the connection between abyssinian cats with the wild cats, which even today lives at the spring of the Blue Nile on the heights of abyssinia, today Ethiopia. It seems to us that the granite sculptures and the cat mummies from the ancient Egypt town of Bubastis live even today, in the form of the abyssinian cat!


First documented abyssinian on European soil was named Zula (according to some sources Zeyla). This cat came to England straight from abyssinia. During a military conflict it was found and rescued by an English officer, captain Barrett-Lennard. Zula was exhibited at the first recorded cat exhibition at the Crystal palace, in London 1871, and the report from the exhibition which came out in Harper’s Weekly magazine tells us that Zula sparked great interest and won third prize in the overall ranking. 

Harper’s Weekly

From that moment the development of this breed is blurry. We know that they were called Bunny Cat for a short period of time, referring  to the unusual pattern of their coat, then they mentioned them as British Ticked Cat, however their first name under which they came to Europe remained. The name became official in 1929, and from that point the registration of abyssinian cats began in the English GCCF, the oldest feline organization. Soon after, the abyssinian inhabit the USA. The breed was saved from extinction during World War Two precisely with that export to America. After the war the abyssinians became one of the most popular breeds there due to its extraordinary intelligence, character and especially the exotic appearance which associates to its ancestors from ancient times and wilderness.  

Despite its popularity and long presence of these cats in the western world, their origin still confuses felinologists. Recent DNA research indicate that today's abyssinians are genetically closely connected with the cats from India and Southeast Asia. How, where from, why... their journey around the world will remain a secret for now. Anyhow, abyssinians are easy to imagine in a procession of the cat-like Bastet, ancient Egyptian goddess!

Nektarcats Oliv (ruddy)

Abyssinian – a smarty companion

Abyssinians are highly intelligent cats. In the presentations and descriptions of this breed all felinological associations emphasize their intelligence. As described in the abyssinian Breeders International Kitten Buyer’s Guide by Carolyn Osier: “abyssinians must be one of the most intelligent animals ever created” (from the website CFA - Cat Fanciers’ Association).  

Abyssinians are of extremely extrovert nature and very sociable creatures. Abyssinians are lap cats, and they purr 24/7. They do not part from their human family.  They follow their family members everywhere and participate in all household chores. They easily adapt and fit into every home, but they expect to be loved and in the centre of attention. Abyssinians enjoy te company of other cats, but they will get along nicely with dogs as well.

Funky Valentine Bastet Moon (ruddy)

They remain cheerful as kittens their entire life, enjoying playing and interacting with people. They will share their purring moments of affection with their owner, but their joyful and agile nature will never neglect play. Therefore, it is good to provide them with toys and climbers where they will show their athletic skills. They are easily taught different tricks, i.e. to fetch and they easily accept to be walked on a leash. They are impressive jumpers, and the fans of this breed claim that these cats are absolute champions in this cat discipline. abyssinians are cats that live their life to the fullest!

Miscat's Igor Karkaroff (ruddy)

Miniature mountain lions 

Abyssinians take ones breath away with their appearance! They are not big cats, but of average size, but due to their athletic and flexible body, powerful appearance and graceful movement, and especially the coat, they unmistakably look like miniature lionesses or lions from the Rocky Mountains. Their mysterious, big, expressive eyes always shine whether they are gold, emerald or amber color.

Their coat is silky to the touch, thick, resilient and extremely shiny. The color of the coat is light at the roots and each hair has 2-3 darker bends to the top. The hair tips are dark – the term for this characteristic is ticked tabby. There are several admitted abyssinian colors: ruddy (intense dark apricot with black tips), blue, chocolate, sorrel (dark apricot with reddish-brown tips) and fawn. There are also silver varieties of the mentioned shades, which suit this breed beautifully.

Funky Valentine J.C. Bach (blue) and Baltasar (sorell)

Abyssinians are distinctly shorthair cats, with very little undercoat. This makes them the ideal pet, because they shed lightly, almost unnoticeably. Brushing once in several weeks is more than enough! Also, it has been noticed that an allergic reaction to abyssinians is lesser, since their skin flaking is minor or there is none at all.

Semi-longhair variety of the abyssinian is called the Somali cat. The name hints to the closeness of these two breeds, because Somalia and Ethiopia, once called Abyssinia, are neighboring countries.

Funky Valentine Charlotte (fawn) i Bastet Moon (ruddy)

Similar to many cat breeds, there are two types of abyssinians – traditional and modern. The modern type is of a more fragile constitution, slender body, sharper lines and emphasized pointed ears. The traditional abyssinian type are powerful and muscular such as ancient Egyptian cats from Bubastis.

Walt Disney - One Hundred and One Dalmatian, 1961

Abyssinians - artist's muses

In the popular culture of the 60s and 70s abyssinians frequently appeared in children movies. Sergeant Tibbs from the Disney classic “101 Dalmatians” was inspired by an abyssinian cat.

Walt Disney - Cats from outer space, 1978

In another popular comedy from the Disney production “The Cat from Outer Space” an abyssinian is in the main role.  

David Bowie

It is known that cats were always the companions of creative people, and legendary musician David Bowie and Isaac Hayes looked for their muses among abyssinian cats. Among abyssinian lovers there is an anecdote which says: they are dangerous cats because they can easily make an addict out of a man! Who meets them, can no longer imagine a day without an abyssinian cat.

Meow Fest

Iglesias Aus Abusir - Izzy, photo Bojana Janjić N1

Abyssinians are one of the oldest and most popular breeds of cats, but due to circumstances, this magnificent breed remained almost unknown in the countries of eastern Europe. Even today, only a few cat lovers are familiar with this breed. Abyssinian kittens are available in Serbia, in a professional and responsible internationally registered cattery Funky Valentine WCF in Belgrade.

You can meet and cheer for these exceptional cats at Meow Fest, a traditional international cat show in Belgrade. More about Meow Fest...

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Funky Valentine WCF

Funky Valentine WCF cattery

Abyssinian cats from Funky Valentine cattery in Belgrade, Serbia are healthy and properly vaccinated. Cats are growing up free, they are house trained and cuddly.

Cats from Funky Valentine cattery are true pedigree cats. Cats have unique microchips and international World Cat Federation (WCF) pedigrees. WCF pedigree is a listing of ancestors over 4 generations and their championship titles. Pedigrees are protected with numbered holograms. Our cats may compete in Belgrade Meow Fest or other international cat shows.

Our breeding cats

Jokercats Tekla for Funky Valentine

Jokercats Tekla for Funky Valentine, female fawn silver ABY ps, 20.12.2016.

Miscat's Igor Karkaroff for Funky Valentine

Miscat's Igor Karkaroff for Funky Valentine, male ruddy ABY n, 19.6.2018.

Nektarcats Oliv for Funky Valentine

Nektarcats Oliv for Funky Valentine, female ruddy ABY n, 24.4.2018.

Our kittens

The kittens arrive at new homes with a certified WCF pedigree, a certificate of transfer of ownership, a health passport with vaccine certificates and a contract.

Leglo A

Funky Valentine Amalyia, Anna Bella, Kyra the Great, Leonid the First

Leglo B

Funky Valentine Babylon 11, Baltasar, Bastet Moon, J. Sebastian Bach 

Leglo D

Funky Valentine D'Baasty Tau, Dharma Puma

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